System Kit 5 & 6 Discontinuation Explained + Best Alternatives

Get answers on why Nioxin System Kits 5 and 6 have been discontinued in the US plus find the best Nioxin System Kit to replace them in your hair care routine.

If you’re already a Nioxin System Kit user, you may have noticed that we’ve discontinued Kits 5 and 6.

We’re always working to simplify the process to stop thinning hair in its tracks. That’s why we’ve consolidated our System Kits to make it easier for you to find the kit that will work best on your locks.

Even with 4 kits instead of 6, we still have just the right System Kit for you.

Why is System Kit 5 & 6 being discontinued?

In an effort to make it even easier for you to navigate which of our hair thickening kits is right for you, we’ve transitioned from 6 kit choices to 4 kit choices.

If you were previously using System Kit 5 or 6 for chemically treated hair, our new System Kits 3 and 4 are designed for dry, damaged and/or color-treated hair. This switch to fewer kit options will still help you to meet your hair goals, and our current 4 kits are designed for all hair types.

Which Nioxin system should I use?

Each Nioxin System Kit is formulated to help with thinning hair through a series of products that will cleanse, condition, and provide specialized scalp care.

No matter your hair type, using one of our hair-thickening kits will prime your head for thicker and fuller-looking strands.

If you’re wondering which System Kit is right for you, we’ve outlined them below. Just match your hair type to a kit number, and you’ll be good to go.

Nioxin system kits for natural and untreated hair

When it comes to haircare systems, it’s important to consider the condition of your hair before using active products. This will help to prevent further damage and allow your strands to stay strong so they grow faster.

Natural, untreated hair is a set of strands that has no dye, bleach, or chemicals on it. If you’ve had your hair dyed or processed with chemicals in the past, your hair will only be considered natural and untreated again once all treated locks have been grown out and cut off.

Lightly thinning hair is defined as hair that has started to lose some of its thickness from the scalp, but still remains mostly intact. You may have noticed that your hair has lost fullness, but other people might not have yet.

If your hair has been lightly thinning, then Nioxin System Kit 1 is the right choice for you.

Progressed thinning hair is defined as thinning that has become noticeable. You may see more of your scalp through your strands, and your fullness might feel gone.

For those with progressed thinning, our Nioxin System Kit 2 will help to lay the foundation for fuller-looking hair.

Nioxin system kits for damaged, dry, and color-treated hair

If your hair has been dyed, bleached, or processed with chemicals, or if you have hair that is excessively dry, you’ll need a System Kit that packs a moisturizing punch while remaining gentle on your sensitive strands.

We’ve created System Kits 3 and 4 to be delicate with damaged, dry, and color-treated hair. All you need to do is pick the kit that matches your current state of hair thinning.

Lightly thinning hair is in the first stages of hair thinning, so while you might notice that your hair isn’t as thick as it once was, it won’t be very noticeable to others yet.

Choose Nioxin System Kit 3 for damaged or treated hair with light thinning. This is also the right choice for those who were previously using Kit 5.

For those with progressed thinning, the skin of the scalp might be starting to peek through your strands. This is a later stage of thinning that requires a bit of extra care.

Shop Nioxin System Kit 4 if you are experiencing progressed thinning. This is the swap if you were previously using Kit 6.

Get thicker and fuller-looking hair with Nioxin System Kits

Nioxin System Kits are 3-step professional systems designed to target thinning hair.

Not only do our System Kits target the causes of specific types of hair thinning, but they’ll also leave your hair feeling soft and super moisturized. The result is stronger strands and a fortified scalp that makes growing hair easier.

Each kit comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment. We’ve outlined how to use Nioxin hair thickening kits here, and we promise that the process is quick and simple!


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