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13 Cuts & Styles For Men With A Receding Hairline

There are various causes of receding hairlines, including genetics, poor diet, and stress.

Coming to terms with thinning hair on any part of your head can be difficult, but changes at the hairline often feel like the most noticeable. Receding hairlines can affect both men and women, but are more common in men and often signal the start of a type of hair loss called male pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia).

There are various causes of receding hairlines, including genetics, poor diet, and stress. Whatever the cause, a new haircut or style can be transformative. The perfect haircut can hide a receding hairline, cover up thinning patches, or make them much less noticeable – for example, blurring the hairline will draw focus away from it. A different haircut targeting balding may also help alleviate pressure on hair roots, which could slow down the receding process.

Discover a new style and newfound confidence; browse our best hairstyles for receding hairlines to find something that works for you and for your hair. If you find a cut you want to try, or styles you would like assistance with, try our how-to videos – or take some pictures for your stylist and have a session exploring some new looks.

You can also explore Nioxin's solutions for making hair look thicker and healthier – with products proven to create fuller-looking hair by increasing hair density, nourishing the scalp, and strengthening the hair against breakage.

Haircuts and Styles To Try for Fuller-Looking Hair

1. Go for the Chop With Layers

If you love long hair, you don't have to let it go because of a receding hairline - but having a good chop with added layers will help. Indeed, many receding hairlines or balding haircuts benefit from taking mid-to-long hair shorter. Doing so alleviates some of the weight and stress on hair roots and allows the shaping of ends closer to the hairline to disguise areas of thinning. Shorter hair strands will be lighter, which may help limit thinning and will make thinner patches less noticeable. Texturizing and layering shorter hair gives body and shape closer to the roots, allowing for increased volume and a less-visible hairline.

2. Short Back and Sides

A classic short back and sides haircut minimizes the appearance of receding around the ears and temples. It's one of the most popular hairstyles for men with receding hairlines and can be used alongside several other styles - including the pompadour.

3. Messy, Textured Bedhead

This is a great style that works on both longer and shorter hair that's receding, as textured locks can hide sparse patches and avoid a severe hairline that shows up in areas of recession. For added volume, use Nioxin’s Volumizing + Thickening Mousse and root lifting spray to finish up the look.

4. Side-Swept Undercut

The side-swept undercut is a great choice for people who want to keep some length on the top of their head (though this style also works for mid-length and short hair, too). It has a contemporary edge that adds another dimension to the classic side-sweep look. It also helps to cover lightly thinning patches around the hairline without creating a severe parting. Plus, it's easy to repeat every day! To get the look, hair above the forehead is gently swept across to one side; fairly short hair or slightly longer growth on top should stay in place but we recommend using hairspray for lightweight hold and added texture.

5. Extreme Parting

This is a useful style option if you wish to keep your hair longer. Take your parting from one side of your head and throw the hair over to the opposite side. Blurring your hairline will disguise thinner patches, and you may also be able to cover over areas of concern on the crown of your head. Hold the style in place with a loose-hold hairspray which allows for movement.

6. Man Bun

If you want to keep hold of your long hair, an updo is a great way to make your long locks appear thicker. What's more, an updo doesn't have to strain the roots around a delicate hairline. You can achieve this look at home with two simple steps: Step 1: Take sections of hair at the front, from your parting around your hairline on either side. Step 2: Tie the rest of your hair into a high or low bun before tucking the front sections in separately. This will allow hairline sections more give and a bit of lift to minimize thinning. Alternatively, leave strands of hair at the front hanging down while tying up the rest, to blur your hairline – a loose, messy bun will also keep the strain off your follicles.

7. Faux Hawk

By being shorter on the sides, with hair around the temples pointed forward, the faux hawk helps to reshape or conceal a receding hairline. The longer hair on the top of the head and down the back creates better volume and texture. It's a great hairstyle if you're going for a cool and edgy look.

8. Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is great for people who want to cover up their receding hairline, as it limits the contrast between the hair and forehead by being a short, consistent length. It's also easy to manage and looks great with any type of facial hair.

9. Curly Quiff

A sleek, chic quiff is perfect for men wanting a sophisticated look, but have you ever considered a curly quiff? If you're fashioning natural waves or curly hair, a quiff is a great way to reshape the hairline, while adding texture and a tousled vibe to a traditionally slick-back style.

10. Classic Pompadour

Some of the best haircuts for balding or a receding hairline make a feature at the center or top of the head, to draw attention away from the hairline itself. Of course, the traditional pompadour comes to mind. This style is best for people with hair that's at least 4-6cm long with a receding hairline that's in its early stages - as the brush-backed hair could lengthen your forehead. Consult with your stylist to explore the best options.

11. Mini-Mohawk

If a short look with an edge is what you're after, look no further than the mini-mohawk. For this cut, soft spikes are styled upwards at the forehead, while sides are kept short to help minimize the appearance of receding around the ears and temples.

12. Clean-Shaven Head

Many men choose to embrace a fully-shaved head as receding or thinning becomes more pronounced. A clean shave is easy to manage and diminishes any sign of a receding hairline. But going bald on top doesn't mean you have to go completely hairless. Facial hair can balance out your clean-shaven look and enhance your facial features. So why not have some fun experimenting with a shadow beard, mustache, or any beard style you wish? If you're not quite ready to take the plunge, you could try fading the hairline or nape area into long hair first or sculpting the hairline to address areas of particular concern.

13. Comb-over Hairstyle

The comb-over hairstyle has long been a go-to style for men with receding hairlines. Comb-overs work well for people with thick, lengthy hair - as this is needed to properly conceal the hairline. If you have thinning hair, a comb-over could accentuate this. For a modern take on this classic hairstyle, ask your stylist to combine a high comb-over with a fade haircut.

How To Keep Your New Do Thick and Full

A fool proof hair routine using the right products will help keep your hair looking fresh and styled to perfection in between cuts. Follow these top tips:

  • Daily scalp massage and light exfoliation.

    Massaging and exfoliating your scalp helps to remove any impurities and increases blood flow.

  • Hair styling products.

    For a boost in volume and a textured style that always looks fresh, ensure your styling collection is stocked up with styling products like hairspray and gel. Remember to always wash your hair thoroughly after use to avoid product build-up on the scalp.

  • Hair thinning products and treatments.

    If your hairline is receding and you're noticing your strands are thinning, care products targeting hair thickness could be the solution you've been searching for.

    Nioxin's 3-part System Kits are designed to cleanse, condition, and treat the scalp and thinning hair.

  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

    A poor diet will limit the number of nutrients and vitamins you put into your body, which could in turn impact the condition of your hair and scalp. Zinc, iron, and biotin are some of the vitamins linked to healthy, thicker hair.

Ready to book your next hair appointment? Discover more how-to styling guides for fine, thinning, or receding hair on the Nioxin YouTube channel, which also features care tips and advice from our experts.


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